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Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing the "Spirit"

To the best of my knowledge the Spirit is the worlds first remote controlled  paper airplane. It took me the better part of a year to design this plane. The 3d model was designed using Google Sketchup v7. The Texturing was done using  Blacksmith 3d and the model kit was done with Pepakura.
The electronics used in the Spirit can come from a Parkzone  Sukhoi Su-26xp, Mustang P-51D or Trojan T-28 Ultra Micro series planes. The reason I designed the Spirit is so I have a use for the components from my crashed and utterly destroyed airplanes. The Spirit airframe is constructed entirely with plane Jane 20lb printer paper. The Weight of the Spirit is 32grams.

 The down loadable model kit and detailed assembly instructions will be available very soon. A flight video will be made as soon as I can find a camera operator capable of tracking moving objects or competent pilot and I will record the flight as I can track quickly moving objects search for "RCRCKY" in Youtube for all my videos.

In the meantime enjoy the still pictures of the Spirit.

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